Month: September 2017

Blog Post #3: Gerardo Arellano

Gerardo Arellano is an Mexican artist whose work is involved in painting, illustration and architecture. His work is very colorful and is caught by anyone’s eye because of his creativity and use of color.

I really like his work because of how colorful it is and I feel like I can connect with his work because I can see myself doing work like this in the future.

Visual Seminar- Blog Post #2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00a sleep
Wake up Wake up Wake up Wake up sleep sleep
8:00 Wake up
Get dressed Get dressed Get dressed Get dressed sleep sleep
Get dressed class class Eat/get coffee eat sleep sleep
10:00 class
class class class class sleep sleep
rest class rest class Rest/ get coffee sleep sleep
eat class eat class class sleep sleep
Watch netflix class homework class rest sleep sleep
class class class class rest Wake up Wake up
3:00 class
eat class eat rest Get dressed Get dressed
class rest class rest rest Watch netflix Watch netflix
eat rest rest rest rest homework homework
6:00 rest
exercise eat rest rest homework homework
7:00 zumba
exercise homework Watch game rest homework homework
8:00 zumba
eat homework Watch game rest homework homework
9:00 homewokr
homework homework homework rest Watch netflix Watch netflix
homework homework Watch netflix homework rest Watch netflix Watch netflix
homework homework Watch netflix sleep Sleep Watch netflix Watch netflix
12:00a sleep
sleep sleep sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
sleep sleep sleep sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
2:00 sleep
sleep sleep sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
3:00 sleep
sleep sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
sleep sleep sleep sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

I think that I spend my time wisely. I just think that I should not procrastinate and wait till the evening to do my homework

Visual Seminar Post #1

The main points of each article are entrepreneurs can be more successful if they learn how artists work to be effective and the second article’s main point stated artists and entrepreneurs work for the same purpose. As artists, we need to learn how to work in teams or advising groups like entrepreneurs learn to do early in their career. Artists usually work alone and only gain insight from their own creativity. If artists learn to work in groups the outcome would be interesting artwork that multiple people worked on. Yes, I agree with artists being entrepreneurs because they both use their passions to create and organize a final product. Of the 12 characteristics of artists discussed in the article I agree with artists are craftspeople, artists are like children, artists thrive under constraints, and artists are passionate about their work. Another characteristic I would add to the list is artists can also be humorous. I consider this an interesting topic and it would be fun to see if in the future there would be a major about art entrepreneurship in secondary education.

The survey suggested that I have a score of 2.25 in grit which means its something I would have to work on. To work on my grit, I would make a list of both short and long term goals and focus on my work instead of procrastinating.


My initial thoughts of this video included I hate this video and why am I watching it. I felt Tan’s
arguments on what creativity was about or why creativity exists were not valuable to me. For example
when she said that in order for you to be a creative person you had to go through a traumatic childhood
but not every single person who wants to be an artist is going to go through a bad childhood. In my
opinion I just did not like the video and I felt that her speech went nowhere to what I was expecting out
of the speech and it was basically just a summary of her life story, which is irrelevant to the initial topic.


I thought that the podcast of Kiwanuka explaining his song “Black Man in a White World” was
very interesting. The way he thought of beats and how a simple lyric can send a strong message to his
audience. Listening to the finished song at the end after the podcast made me appreciate the intricate
details more and appreciate the message the song sent. It also made me concluded multiple artists like
photographers and painters reflect with accuracy when trying to complete or perfect a final product.


The video by Dan Brackage showed slides with splashes of color maybe from ink
spillages or some other art form that I do not know about yet. When I watched the video for
the first time it made me feel stressed and anxious because the slides were moving so fast and I
could not observe each one with patience or admiration. But after watching the video for a
second time I observed that for the first five to ten seconds the video moved at a slow pace but
after the slides suddenly moved faster and stayed moving fast for the rest of the video.
Throughout the video I noticed that certain slides paused slightly maybe to define these slides
mattered more to the audience than the other slides of ink. The slides reminded me of visions
of galaxies and stars or also murals. I think the message Brackage is trying to send to his
audience is people should start to appreciate art around us because the world moves at a fast
pace without giving the chance for people to truly observe art for its true beauty.

Creativity and Making: Pink

“High Concept, High Touch” by Daniel Pink was very interesting in explaining how our world functions now with the right brains. The author also noted the use of left brains being insufficient and to take on the conceptual age we would require a whole new mind. This is a very interesting idea that the author notes since humans have evolved and created ideas or inventions with the same brain so my question is, how would creating a new mind help us humans in evolving? Our minds are trained to be one way so in my opinion I think it would take another age for us to see any results or ideas with a new reformed mind. The idea about high concept and high touch was a little confusing for me but I did grasp the idea of how bringing creativity in education systems can help us humans succeed with life. Also reading how art related careers are growing more compared to “professional” jobs such as lawyers was interesting because usually art related careers are looked down upon by society. This piece by Daniel Pink was great in expressing his thoughts on how changing the mind can help us human succeed in life better.

Creativity and Making: Harra

When I reflect on the word design I mostly think of drawings or anything involving a writing utensil and paper. It was never brought to my attention a simple act of folding the palms lightly would bring humans to create a design called the vessel to make their lives a bit simpler. Or that designing could be forming a new government system or economy system. After reading the selection “What is Design” by Kenya Hara my thoughts and opinions have changed about the simple act of design and how designing can affect the human population.
The selection that stood out to me was how before the industrial revolution items such as chairs and tables were done by hand and never were made the exact same due to the fact they were hand made by humans. Imagining also how the industrial revolution caused for the people who did this for a living to lose their passion for design because machines were taking over their jobs for mass production.
What also astonished me was how technology has influenced design for people. Young people today don’t really think about the effects of technology on the human population because we have grown with technology and are not affected by it because we are comfortable with technology.
To conclude design has grown from being only to design with a limited about of hand made tools to being able to design with one tool know as the computer.

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