Week 4 reflection

In my FSTY 1321 course, I am doing mathematics and in the group assignment I am the Community keeper and the Critical Friend. How I can incorporate these two together is very simple. Our group’s topic focus is on crime which goes very well with the math that I am taking. We have learned probability and statistics to a certain degree and with that we can accurately calculate crime rates, the percentage of who is committing crimes, etc. In relation to how I am going to use what I know from my math class to roles I am taking for the group assignment is a little vague as of now but I have an idea as to how I can use with my role of “critical friend.” In math, to solve a problem you have to take everything into consideration like the numbers given and the variables. So for me to use it as a Critical Friend I would be able to let my teammates know if we aren’t taking everything into account.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing the end results! Great blog by the way.

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