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Sequence Pt.4- Demo Book


The first draft of my book includes both work in progress and finished background pieces and fully integrated fonts for page numbers to represent a change in age. This book making progress truly is very laborious, I understand the pain that plagues most other content creators when creating their works, now. The actual printing requires so many steps, messing up the page indents requires a LOT of backtracking, the In-Design program can be archaic at times, and on top of that, there’s still tons of editing that I will need to do over the next few sessions to fully perfect the aesthetic of the book. Some edits were made from the drafts again, namely cutting out the first two pages since the book’s page count was not a multiple of four with them and further abstraction of the final few years to represent a mental development, plus cutting some character sketches needed.

The final steps are to draw the sketched characters, scan them in the pages, touch up existing backgrounds, and finish the remainder of the non-edited pages.

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