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Visual Studies Seminar Post #10- More Presenters All the Time!


Part 1: Wildermyth Developers

The presenters for local game developing were a duo, a game artist and coder, presenting the development process and assets of their game in the making, Wildermyth. In their presentation, they specifically introduced their game to the audience, showed how the game’s aesthetics were created, showed both the problems and epiphanies made during the arduous development process, then discussed pieces of advice regarding their industry, focusing mainly on the differing qualities needed for working individually versus in a group versus at a corporation. While the great majority of their presentation was, well, presenting a game, seeing the actual thought process behind the creative decisions and the steps made to come to a natural conclusion was a learning experience in itself. It’s always beneficial to know the insider’s point of view in game development since they’ll be the most direct source of information regarding what one pursuing that field will do.

Part 2: Some Questions

  1. What students projects impress you the most?
  2. What do graduate students, students from previous years, etc. reflect on the most as their favorite part of learning at St. Edward’s, or more specifically, your class?
  3. Do students often come up to you asking for some help making connections in their respective field of study?

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