How Social Media Can Change the Business World

I started writing this blog at the beginning of the semester as part of a class assignment and have learned so much through researching and also viewing other professional blogs to search for new tools and ideas that could continue my learning. In today’s society social media is now a must-have if a business wants to make money and reach new customers. Virtually everyone is online in some way and people rely on the Internet more then ever to go about their daily lives. Keeping up with new social media websites and platforms are important if businesses want to stay ahead of their competition and keep the customers they currently do have.

The way we are using social media now has definitely been effective in promoting and marketing business’s goals and ideas. If we continue on the path we are on now, I think we could come up with even more creative and fun ideas to reach customers through sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and any other platforms I have mentioned on my blog over the semester.

The great thing about social media is that is doesn’t just have to be used for business. I know through out my blog I have focused on how it could help Wardrobe Interventions, but it is a great tool that people use to connect to each other with. People have found long lost relatives and friends through social media sites which would have never happened just a couple of years ago. Social media is continuously evolving and the fun part is that we can have a huge influence on how it grows.

Once companies realized how effective social media was, they really started to get involved and take charge in how they wanted to brand their image. Even though it is important to be creative and fun when posting things on social media, it is also important to be aware of what you are posting and the lasting effects it could have. The one downside to the Internet is that whatever ends up there, stays there. Even if a business or company tweets or posts a photo for just a couple of seconds and then takes it down, more than likely someone saw it and has already spread it across the Internet. Social media can either make or break a company and I think businesses have started to realize how crucial it is to stay on stop of all of their social media sites and make good decision on what they post and even when they post something.

Thanks for sticking with me this semester and I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog posts about incorporating social media into business!

One thought on “How Social Media Can Change the Business World

  1. I feel we share views on the matter. Social media was always a part of my life but this class showed me how it transcends through different functions without our knowing it. Not only do we communicate with the world but the world learns about us an individuals. Social Media is what is starting to drive the market, it is the market’s intelligence. It tells us whats out there and tells them (organizations and other people) what we (the individuals) want it tells the world whats trending shows patterns of behaviors that are interconnected and for all to participate in. It really is the epitome of globalization and nowhere does it affect more than in the market place.

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