Type Poster

Type Posters

It’s one thing to make a typeface and it’s another to use it for design, both equally hard and require unique approaches. In taking my typeface I had a lot of design direction challenges. In the end I chose to pine back to it’s original inspiration, a quote from T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

From here I pulled out quotes found near the end of the lengthy poem and from there designed two sets. The high contrast is meant as a symbolic to my personal impression of the poem. The love song is a long rather encrypted story. While reading it I found it hard to really hard to find a single story running all the way through but instead it felt pieced together. However, the style and mood confirmed that it was in fact, a single piece.

My posters were designed to take on this idea. Seemingly two separate pairs at first are actually a full set pulled together by the typeface and color. I do wish that I had refined on the design more. With this project I began to learn just how important time management is and my lack of time left me feeling like my posters lacked.

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