Where Does Creativity Hide?: Tan

As I was watching and listening to Amy Tan’s TED talk, I found myself nodding slightly at a few of the things she talked about. Creativity comes from many sources. Our past, and present can influence our creative minds. She talked about her childhood and how her mother expected so much from her. That led to her being the writer she is today. She also suffers from medical problems, which also fuel her creatively.

I thought about how I’m inspired. Just today, during Visual Studies, I was having trouble with Adobe Lightroom, and in a matter of seconds, my friend showed me exactly how to fix the problem I was having. I had put myself in a foul mood and just then, it turned around. I decided to edit some of my photos and he suggested using a tool at the very bottom of the list, and it made my images a lot clearer. I was ecstatic and fueled by this, went on to edit the rest of my photos to the way I envisioned them.

So many things, and people, can influence you in ways you cannot imagine. My friend helped fuel my creativity and it made me happy in the end.

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