What Is Design?: Hara

As I was reading What Is Design? by Kenya Hara, one thing stuck out to me: Originality. Hara stressed originality multiple times in this excerpt. I looked at some of his work and it’s very intriguing. I must say, it does look very original. It’s interesting how he speaks about a gradual progression of design. He’s very vague with a lot of what he is talking about, I think. Maybe I didn’t read that in depth. Maybe not.

It’s interesting to think of everything as being either a stick or a vessel. I’ve never thought of things that way. They are the basic tools that make up everything. You can use them separately or together and they can create many different things.

I like the part where he talks about the Bronzeware and how we are naturally drawn into the intricate items rather than the plain items. Such with life, we don’t seek to be bland, we seek to be intricate, different, unique, and special. We seek to be original.

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