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Design Decisions:

This map is a basic overview of the process I, and maybe other designers go through  when creating something.

At the very beginning of a project, I brainstorm. I start by thinking a lot and i write all ideas that come in my mind in my design note book, After that I start working from there. I narrow things down, I pick out the things that are working for and start refining my ideas from then.

I Then  create a set of rules to follow during the whole process.  After what i start planning how i will work on my project through time.  Then I start my research of inspiration, i do some researches on the topic and try to get inspiration but not copying . Then i start to refine all the informations i have by narrowing down the essential ideas. Until my final design i will keep working on it refining and critic in order to enhance the potential of my work . I also ask for others designer opinion , and they help me with more ideas.

Something That should be wondering about my work is how basic it is . I think I could have push it further especially on my last project.  My fonts are too basic , i think it deserves more spices in it. I could have make it more colorful and less flat. The skeleton is there but the flesh is missing. I still need to keep working on my typographic skills and the way i apply it.

At all i’ve been growing a lot through the semester , now i know i can go further than my though, it’s all about will and perseverance. I will keep working on my book because i would see  like to see how professional my work can be in order to go closer to my ultimate goal , Being Graphic Designer.


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