Senior Seminar Spring 2021

Congratulations to our six math majors who presented the results of their four semesters of math research at our Spring 2021 Mathematics Senior Seminar on March 5:

  • Stella Cunningham – “Counting Constellations in Tarot Card Readings”
  • Stephanie Lao – “Predictive modeling of the occurrence of deep sea corals in Davidson Seamount using supervised learning”
  • Edith Magaña – “Achieving Convexity in Neural Codes”
  • Nick Phan – “The Tale of Mickey The Tricky Mouse”
  • Joseph Minh Van – “Stacks in Parallel”
  • Taylor Huey – “Unfolding Platonic Solids”

Congrats again — we’re so proud and excited for all the wonderful things you all will do!

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