I honestly don’t really feel overly self-critical about myself. I certainly take others’ criticisms of my work with a grain of salt and I work to improve my projects, but I don’t let myself get hung up on the negative stuff or the things I don’t like about a project. If I don’t like something, I ask other people what they think. I try to figure out what the most disliked parts are, and then I go fix it. Or I scrap the whole thing (rather, save it as a draft and start with a fresh canvas for a new approach). Perhaps though, if my OCD and perfectionist tendencies could be seen as faults, it would be because I tend to spend longer on certain parts of a project to get it to a point that I’m satisfied with it. Overall, though, I see those as good things that make me strive to do good work that I’m happy with and that I know I’ve spent effort on, and I still make sure that I have projects done by their due dates.