Reading #4, Nothing to Lose

L-O-V-E Andy Warhol!

After I read his diary, (it wasn’t even really written by him, rather Pat Hackett), I loved him even more.  This article is by far my favorite, and I am so glad you assigned it.

Does Warhol care?  Warhol just seems so nonchalant; he says he doesn’t care, but I think deep down he does.  I relate very much to the last paragraph where he states “it would be so much easier not to care…it’s too hard to care”.  He is talking about people.

Why is this article relevant to the last project?  After our previous projects, I believe this article ‘releases’ us, the students.  I am more comfortable with my own thoughts of what I call my own creative designs.  He states he didn’t want to be a painter or famous, it just happened.  But, if I remember correctly, Warhol started drawing at an early age, then he became the commercial artist that made him successful.  I am not interested in being famous, or even if others like my work, and for me, that is freedom from thinking ‘what will others think of me?’

Personal reflection:  Yes, I become self-conscious, and then I remember I just cannot compare myself to others, in anything I do.  I learned long ago, there will be those better and those not as good as me, and that’s okay.  I can be happy for those that are better than me, it can make me work harder, but I just cannot judge my work beside anyone else.

I love Warhol’s ‘nothing to lose’ attitude.  I wish I was more like that.  Pros:  I can do whatever I want and not care if it works for others, just as long as I am happy with the outcome.  If I am happy with my result, it doesn’t matter what others think.  A nothing to lose attitude can enhance one’s creativity and performance.  Cons:  Well, if no one likes my work, and if it were my intention to become famous, I would need to care more about the end results to make sure I please others.  Thankfully, for me, in my mind I believe I am truly genius, and that is scary because what if I really am not?


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