Canvas New Release for 9/16

CanvasBelow are the highlights from the September 16th Canvas release.  Canvas makes ongoing updates once per month.  Details about all updates are found in the Canvas Community.

Notifications Will Come from the Class Name

When students view course notifications in their email, all notifications are sent from the course name. This change helps students more easily identify notifications from a specific course. Previously notifications were sent from Instructure Canvas or the institution’s name.

Conferences (Big Blue Button) Updates

Conferences, the video conferencing application within Canvas, has a new interface and the ability to download and store presentations, chat transcripts and shared notes.

Please be aware the Conferences (Big Blue Button) does not work on mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android and that Conference recordings are automatically deleted after 14 days. If you need to save recordings of video conferences or have students who access via mobile devices we recommend using WebEx.

Additional information on the September 16th Release may be found in the Canvas Community.