April 25, 2020

Did you change your spring break plans because of the virus? From what to what?


How did you feel when you were informed the remainder of the semester would be held online?

I was really sad to leave my friends because I wasn’t ready for the year to be over and knew that the rest of the semester would be hard for me in terms of being able to focus and do well.

Where will you be living while courses are held online? Is this a change from usual?

At home.

What has been your experience with moving classes online? What’s good? What’s not so good?

It has been okay but a lot of my classes are writing and art classes so I have had trouble with adjusting to not being able to get critiques in person. But most of my professors have been super accomodating.

How has the virus (and the precautions taken to prevent it spreading) impacted your daily life?

I have gotten extremely stir crazy as I can’t see anyone who I usually would when I’m home. It hasn’t been as bad though because my family is wonderful but it has been hard not being able to go outside and interact with people I miss.

How worried are you about getting the virus?

Not very worried.

Do you know anyone who has gotten COVID-19?


Are you staying in? What are you doing to pass the time?

Yes I’m staying in. I have been reading and baking a lot, as well as writing letters to my friends and streaming Netflix, and basically being a cottage woman.

Are you going out? Where do you go and what is it like?

If I do go out it is usually to the grocery store or to sit in a car circle (more than 6 ft away) from my friends but I have only done that once.

What is giving you hope and/or strength right now?

I have been working out and working towards a “glow up” to make myself motivated enough for a goal.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about what you’re feeling or experiencing right now?

I wish I was on campus with my friends and I miss campus life so much. But I’m really keeping up hope that we will be back in the fall! 🙂