It’s On Us

By Corinne Bates


What does It’s On Us do?

It’s On Us is a national organization whose goal is to educate college campuses about sexual assault and interpersonal violence. According to their bylaws:

“The purpose of It’s On Us is to promote awareness of sexual assault on college campuses and educating students on being a good bystander. It’s On Us spreads knowledge of Title IX rights and university resources.” The St. Edward’s chapter does this through informational meetings, action weeks, and community events.


What do you get out of participating in It’s On Us?

It’s On Us is a group that facilitates an open dialogue about sexual assault and violence, so members have to be willing and able to openly discuss these issues. You do not need to be a member to participate in It’s On Us events, but if you want to be more involved in the process of educating the campus on these topics, being a member is a good choice.


What does It’s On Us contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

It is a fairly young organization on campus, so they are still in the phase of trying to gain further recognized by the student body. They do this through hosting an action week in which they do a different activity every day to educate people on sexual and interpersonal violence. One of the more popular events is the ribbon tree. During action week, the organization sets up a station where students are encouraged to write a note to survivors of sexual assault and tie them with ribbons to a tree located between the seal and Andre Hall. This is a very visual way of showing people that our campus cares for their safety and well being without addressing them directly.

In addition to a number of informal meetings on campus to discuss an array of subjects, another event held by the organization is the Poetry Slam. During this event, people can get up and perform pieces they have written related to the topic of sexual assault and violence. It is hosted Jo’s cafe located in Ragsdale. There is also artwork related to the topic displayed around the room. This event is meant to give people a safe place to express themselves creatively about a very difficult topic and garner support from their community.


How can students get involved?

Check their Facebook where they post events they will be hosting.


PDF Profile for It’s On Us

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