ARTS1311 Reading #1

What is the purpose of a designer, do they always work for a stakeholder?

  1. To fulfill a need involving either technology or tradition in a “definite situation.” (“Good Design: What is it for?”) A designer works “through and for other people.” (“Is a Designer an Artist?”) Do they always work for a stakeholder? From what I have read from the articles and what I have seen in real life, I would say for the most part.
  2. Is the artist always a self-expressive narcissist?

Norman Potter describes design as a “humbler” way to serve man than art. That is because design can be for things like serve as a more tangible function that art, and artists are more certain about themselves and if their personal expression is in their art and if others enjoy their art. That being said, I think that it may seem that artists are more self-serving. However, this may not always be the case, for there are artists who make art to impart certain messages to the world, to speak for those who cannot, try to right wrongs, etc.

  1. Can the designer/artist exist?

Most pf the articles seem to point to the notion of them being separate things that work in a similar way and can sometimes work together. But I think the authors of the articles would find it a bit of a stretch to say that artists are designers and designers are artists.

Personal Reflection

  1. What is your personal view of the difference between the designer and the artist?

A designer is more specialized than an artist and more work for companies, whereas artists can work for companies but a lot of times for work for themselves or strive to work for themselves.

  1. Which are you, why?

I am an artist because I do not know much about design and for me, the term “artist” feels more liberating than designer. I feel like since its tasks may be a little less specific and a little broader, which may in certain ways be a bad thing, I feel like the possibilities for me are endless. Also, and I may be wrong, but I kind of associate more neat works for designers like logos. That it not my style—I like a lot of detail and chaos.

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