Digital Skills Bibliography

The TLTR is exploring what digital skills are needed by students, faculty, and staff.  Here is a list of some of the things we are reading.  We looked at these resources for our February 2022 meeting:

Group 1: Pick 1 reading on Workforce Digital Skills

Burning Glass & Business-Higher Education Forum Report: Read the summary then take a look at the full report; read about one skill in detail.

Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index: Read the summary then browse the full report.

Group 2: Pick 1 reading on Higher Ed Skills Gap

Higher Ed’s Digital Skills Gap

Morrison, D. (2016). Higher Ed’s Digital Skills Gap: Faculty & Students, Online Learning Insights. (1076 words)

Chronicle Report in partnership with Adobe: Read the report or watch the webinar.

Forbes: What the Digital Shift Means for Higher Education

Zur, R. (2021). Council Post: What The Digital Shift Means For Higher Education. Forbes. Retrieved February 7, 2022, from (1095 words)

 Harvard Business Review: How Higher Ed Can Prepare Students for Today’s Digital Jobs.

Craig, R. (2021, November 24). How Higher Ed Can Prepare Students for Today’s Digital Jobs. Harvard Business Review. (7 pages / 1290 words)

Group 3: Faculty Digital Competencies

Jorge-Vazquez, J., , SNL, Alonso 1, Saltos, W., & Mendoza S. (2021)  Assessment of Digital Competencies of University Faculty and Their Conditioning Factors: Case Study in a Technological Adoption Context. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (15 pages)

Group 4: Students Self-perception

León-Pérez, F., Bas, M.-C., & Escudero-Nahón, A. (2020). Self-Perception about Emerging Digital Skills in Higher Education Students. Comunicar: Media Education Research Journal, 28(62), 89–98. (10 pages)

Group 5: Literature Review on 21st-century/digital skills 

van Laar, E., van Deursen, A. J., van Dijk, J. A., & de Haan, J. (2017). The relation between 21st-century skills and digital skills: A systematic literature review. Computers in Human Behavior, 72, 577–588. (12 pages)

Other resources

Instructional Technology Standards for Educators

Crompton H., & Sykora, C. (2021). Developing instructional technology standards for educators: A design-based research study , Computers and Education Open, 2.


Times Higher Education website (more focused on teaching and learning online)

Bridging the digital skills gap for teaching online. (2021, March 11). THE Campus Learn, Share, Connect.


Rubric for Picking E-Learning Tools

Anstey, L., & Watson, G. (2018). A Rubric for Evaluating E-Learning Tools in Higher Education. EDUCAUSE Review.