Upon arriving in Thailand, the abundance of homeless animals is overwhelming. Some stray dogs travel in packs, while others wander alone all over the cities, villages and beaches. It is easy to assume that spaying and neutering is not of utmost importance to the people. One can’t help but wonder, though, if educating them of the benefits would sway their opinion.

 There seems to be this nationwide ideal of a “semi-pet,” where people let an animals (cat or dog) roam around their property and occasionally feed them. This does not necessarily mean that they take care of them. Facilities have popped up around Thailand that spay and neuter cats and dogs, especially strays. They believe it is the only humane way to control the outstanding population of strays that occupy Thailand’s neighborhoods.

 This project focuses on stray cats and dogs throughout different parts of Thailand. The abundance of subjects actually photographed is minute compared to the amount actually witnessed.

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