This collection of photographs reveals a traditional past time sport in the Southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Chon Wua (or Thai style bullfighting) is a contact sport that creates a hierarchy between fighting bulls as it reveals which bull is more dominant through power and aggression. This is not only a sport between the animals, but also a sport for the crowd in terms of gambling. The fighting bulls use their body strength and aggression to reveal the status of who is more dominant through this artistic and gory form of entertainment. The owners of these fighting bulls take good care of their prize possessions as they spend and commit to an endless amount of time catering to the bulls before, during, and after the fight. Prior to the grand fight owners and trainers devote their time, energy, and money on extensively training the bull. During this year they will exercise, train, pair, and practice several times during a given period. This traditional sport intertwines the social economic culture of Thailand in a way that reveals a way of life and opportunity for those selling goods and services and for those who own and train fighting bulls. So while this sport is declining in other regions of the world it is enriching Thailand’s cultural way of living life as the fighting bulls and its event create a way for the people of Thailand and their visitors to immerse in this activity of leisure.