The Prateepsart Ismail Memorial School (PIMS) is an Islamic school located in Tha Sala city, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand. The everyday practices of this school reflect the culture and teachings of Islam from a young persons perspective. I have chosen to document photographically the lessons that PIMS teaches its students in a way that will also help the viewer to better understand the Islamic way of life.

After learning a bit about the culture of Islam I became very interested in it and yearned to learn more. I felt that there was no better way to learn than to experience it first hand and this set of photographs is the result of my learning process. Over the course of three weeks I made several trips to PIMS and observed different aspects of the school from children playing on the playground, to prayer, to the insides of classrooms.

As I observed the daily routines and activities of PIMS, I made photographs of what I saw. I have chosen twenty photographs with captions that I believe best give the viewer the ability to experience both the daily schedule of PIMS, and the culture of Islam first hand.