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Who are the members of the Spring 2013 Books & Coffee group?  This page is designed to help us get to know one another.  If you are logged into our site with your SEU username, you can add a new entry to this page, including information about yourself and even an image file, if you’d like.  (Note: If you are not logged in, you won’t see anyone’s posts, since they are privacy protected.  So – make sure you log in!)

How do you introduce yourself on this page?
1. Log into the site using your SEU username and password.  (You’ll see a login option in the top-hand menu bar.)
2. Hold your cursor over the “+ New” button on the top menu bar of our site.
3. When the drop-down menu appears, click on the “Post” option.
4. Title the post with your name.
5. In the editing box, tell us about yourself, upload an image, connect to your personal website, or whatever you wish to do.

Stumped about what to say?  You can share whatever you like about yourself, but here are some suggestions . . .
1. Name
2. Dept/ Area & School
3. Some of the courses you teach
4. What interests you about this semester’s topic
5. Something interesting and personal about you — a personality quirk, a recent experience, some aspect of your background, a picture of your dog, etc.

How do you protect your privacy?  While editing your post, look to the right-hand menu options.  In the “Publish” box, next to the “Visibility” option, select “Private.”  Under this setting, only SEU users can see your information, and only while they are logged into the site.

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