Meet our new Tree Campus USA intern Paloma Ridge ’21

The Office of Sustainability welcomes our newest Tree Campus USA intern and ENSP major, Paloma Ridge ’21 

When she isn’t working on schoolwork, Paloma does field work during her work-study with university arborist and groundskeeper, Roy Johnson. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with others and has been working on the university grounds for the last year and a half.  In her major, Paloma has most enjoys studying topics like ecotourism in Costa Rica, connecting with her charismatic professors, and learning more about sustainability efforts on campus and in her community. Aside from her work-study and internship here on campus, Paloma currently works in sales at The Great Outdoors plant nursery, right across the street from school. Her position as a Tree Campus USA will be her first Internship opportunity.

An upcoming project that Paloma is working on is organizing a non-profit with her mom, Ramona, to teach underprivileged children in the Fort Bend County area to grow their own vegetable gardens, as well as teaching environmental practices to instill an appreciation and interest in caring for the Earth (and each other!). Growing up around her Master Naturalist mother, Paloma has been an advocate for the environment since she was a kid. Being an environmental advocate is very important to her, not only to do well for herself, but to make life better for others in the future.

Some of her favorite things to do on campus include reading and studying underneath the shaded seating area in front of the bookstore, and sitting out in the Ragsdale lawn on a bright and sunny day Outside Paloma enjoys cooking, spending time with her amazing friends, traveling, basking in the sun, and enjoying the company of her beautiful family.