Study abroad and air mile footprint by the numbers

Andi Utter ’20 is the Greenhouse Gas Analyst Intern for the Office of Sustainability. Every month, she keeps us updated on her work and shares interesting information. Follow our blog and Instagram to get her latest updates.

These past few weeks I have been working with a lot of data, but by far my favorite numbers to crunch have been the study abroad data values. I was able to find out the countries students traveled to and had to create estimates on the air miles they used to travel there. From that, I combined it all together and formed the air mile footprint of our study abroad students.

The interesting thing was that in 2017 we had over 3 million air miles traveled by students! Personally, that was the year I went abroad, and I traveled about 20,000 miles from Texas to Botswana, round-trip. Isn’t that fascinating?

Stay tuned as I find out more interesting stuff about the footprint of St. Edward’s.

Story by Andi Utter ’20
Infographic by Alexandra Hill