Discounted CapMetro Passes Available for Purchase

Did you know that you can purchase CapMetro bus passes for 35% off through St. Edward’s? Riding the bus is a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down the amount of gasoline you’d use by driving your own car. It’s also a great way to avoid the headache that comes with trying to find parking and can save you money on car maintenance costs. Read on below for more information on buying and using your CapMetro pass. Start saving money and the environment today!

Why should I buy the pass through St. Edward’s University?
Through a partnership with CapMetro, bus passes are sold to St. Edward’s University at a reduced price (35% off standard pass pricing). Any current student, staff, or faculty can take advantage of this discount.

How much are bus passes?
The bus passes are $27 for the Local 31-Day Pass. Valid on MetroBus, UT Shuttles, MetroRapid, and Fyler Routes. “Commuter” bus passes that include the train and Round Rock buses in addition to CapMetro buses are available for $62.50.

What payment methods are accepted?
You may purchase a bus pass using cash, check, credit card, or Topper Tender.

Where do I purchase the bus passes?
You can purchase bus passes on the ground floor of Main Building, in the Hilltopper Card office, room G3. You will need to present your student, staff, or faculty ID. The Hilltopper Card Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

How long does the pass last?
The pass is activated the first time you use it on a CapMetro bus. From that moment, you have 31 days to use the pass as much as you want/need. Once that time period is up, your pass will no longer be valid.

Do the passes expire if I don’t use them?
The passes do not expire if you do not use them. However, once you use the pass the first time, you only have 31 days until the pass is no longer valid, regardless of how often you use the pass during that time.

Where can I get information about bus routes?
Using a browser, you can visit the website to plan your trip, see bus schedules and find maps. You can also download the CapMetro app on your smart phone or mobile device.

Can I link my St. Edward’s bus pass to the app on my mobile device?
Yes! When you purchase your CapMetro bus pass in the Hilltopper Card Office you have the option of the traditional paper pass or the digital version. If you want the digital version you must have the Cap Metro App downloaded to your phone. Just let the staff in the Hilltopper Card Office know you want the digital version. They will need the email associated with the account on the app so that they can authorize the pass to be downloaded to the phone. The pass should load within fifteen minutes of authorization.