Indoor plants that clean your air

Plants can improve your mood, boost productivity, and bring warmth to your living spaces. But did you know that they’re great at cleaning the air? NASA even uses plants to remove volatile organic compounds from circulating air.

There is no wrong place for a plant – they’re right at home in your dorm or office – but it’s important to take note of their sunlight and watering needs. But don’t let plants scare you; there are low maintenance plants out there. Snake plants are one of the easiest plants to care for, can thrive in low light, and will survive if you forget a few waterings every now and then. The plants grow upwards, making them great for small spaces.

Orchids and aloe vera are also great options for small spaces and work hard when the sun goes down. These plants pull carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen at night. This superpower makes them the perfect choice for bedrooms. They’re also very easy to care for. An aloe plant only needs water once every 3 weeks and an orchid needs 1-2 ice cubes every week for a slow hydration drip.

If you’re looking for maximum air cleaning power, choose a variegated lily. It is one of the hardest workers and according to our neighbors, The Great Outdoors, “removes volatile organic compounds from the air better than almost any other plant on Earth.” The leaves are beautifully marbled and help to bring the outdoors in.

Images via The Great Outdoors.