Plastic free July is here

This month is Plastic Free July. Even if you aren’t fully participating, you can spend the month trying to cut back on your daily plastic use because every little bit helps. To kick off the challenge, try these easy ways to reduce your plastic and get you closer to a waste-free lifestyle.

1. Try a French press

A French press has many uses, from coffee to milk. The press eliminates tea bags and coffee cups while giving you quality results without the waste.

2. Choose cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are an easy switch. Compared to normal paper napkins, you have a lot more variety to choose from like solids or prints.

3. Brush your teeth with bamboo

Using a bamboo toothbrush prevents you from throwing away your used plastic toothbrush that can’t be recycled. This toothbrush can be composted easily when you are done using it.

4. Suds up with bars of soap

Cutting out the bottles in your soap helps reduce plastic waste and the harsh chemicals that come with it. Plus, bar soaps contain quality ingredients, smell great, and get the job done. Keep your eye out for lotion, shampoo, and condition bars, too!

5. Store food in glass snap ware

Using glass snap ware is super versatile – you can freeze, reheat, and reuse your snap ware while reducing your footprint.

All of these tips make a huge difference when you are trying to reduce your plastic intake. Small changes make a huge difference to save the world.

Story by Olivia Rome ’20