Student researchers launch weather balloons and careers

Every summer, you can find student researchers hard at work on campus. One group of summer student researchers, led by Dr. Gary Morris, study ozone air quality and even launch weather balloons from right here on the Hilltop. The summer project goes beyond launching weather balloons and helps launch careers. In the 15 years since the project launched on campus, more than 125 undergraduate students have been involved. Of those students, at least 19 have earned Ph.D.’s, 3 have earned M.D.s, and 15 have earned at least a M.S. degree.

Read our interview below with Dr. Gary Morris for more about the research and unexpected findings.

Summer student researchers after prepping a payload to fly on a weather balloon.

Students launch a weather balloon to study air quality in Austin, Texas.

Student researchers captured flight data from a weather balloon that was released on the Hilltop.

Dr. Gary Morris as told to Alex Hill
Photos originally published on SEU School of Natural Science Instagram.