Ryan O’Connor is a Movability Hero

Ryan O’Connor, Assistant Director of Student Activities, has just been named a hero by Movability Austin. Learn more about his commute to the Hilltop and how he takes advantage of the resources on campus to make his commute easier. To learn more about commute options and campus resources, explore Parking and Commute Options.

I am grateful to connect with many trails, trail users, and ecosystems (i.e. Boggy Creek, Town Lake, Blunn Creek) along my bike route into work every day. I also take advantage of stops at the outdoor gyms to get quick circuit workouts during my commute. I have been commuting via bike or foot for the past 10 years. When I lived in Philly, I would bike up to 15 miles one way into New Jersey for my job. When I worked late and the Ben Franklin Bridge pedestrian path was closed, I would bike to the train station, take the train across the Delaware River, and then bike back to my house in Philly. My employers have always been very supportive of my choice to stay active and practice the privilege of powering my own way in and out of work. I love the opportunity to reflect, pray, and prepare for my day when biking/running in the mornings and I appreciate the time to decompress on my bike/run home. I feel so much more connected to the communities that I live in when I can ride by or bike by, smile and wave, or just take a deep breath and be grateful to be alive.

Ryan is inspiring the next generation of leaders and arranged for the Hilltop Leaders to meet with Movability’s Membership and Professional Services Director, Alix Scarborough. Read more about the students’ experience here.

About Movability Austin
Movability Austin was formed as a collaboration of public and private sector employers, property owners, and other users to improve mobility around Central Texas. St. Edward’s University is a member of Movability Austin, a Transportation Management Association (TMA). Around the country, TMAs have proven valuable and effective in coordinating mobility programs and services. 

Originally published by Movability Austin.