he eco-clamshell is one of Bon Appétit’s sustainability initiatives to help St. Edward’s University stay a green campus. These clamshells are made out of 100% recyclable matter and are reusable. The clamshells come in three styles: your traditional-sized to-go box, a convenient sandwich box, and a soup-sized to-go cup with a handle and lid. All clamshells are available for purchase in the dining halls at the cashier stand. Once you’re done with the clamshell you can return it back to a specified bin where Bon Appétit staff members will collect and wash it. Clamshells cost $6 each (paid with Topper Tender, debit card or cash), and in return the cashier will give you a redeemable coupon which can be given to them at any time in exchange for a new, clean clamshell.

The main idea behind the clamshell is to curb the overuse of the cardboard to-go boxes that are located in the dining halls. Many students use the cardboard boxes when eating inside the cafeteria instead of plates and are therefore producing unnecessary waste. This can be avoided by using the clamshells, which in turn will help reduce our carbon footprint on campus. As St. Edward’s community members, we can all do our part to contribute towards a more environmentally-friendly Hilltop!

To learn more about the clamshell initiative, click here.

-Lalo Jasso ’16
SFS Member