2015 Campus Conservation Nationals at St. Edward’s University

On February 3-24, 2015, St. Edward’s University will be participating in Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), the largest electricity reduction competition for colleges and universities around the world.

CCN motivates thousands of students across North America, to work together in an effort to reduce the consumption and carbon emissions released on campus in order to mitigate the impacts of global climate change. The competition provides students and staff with the opportunity of organizing educational events, activities, and challenges that will leave a positive, immediate, and lasting impact on the St. Edward’s University campus. CCN is jointly organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, Lucid, National Wildlife Federation, and Alliance to Save Energy.

Since it will be St. Edward’s first year competing in the competition, we will only be competing among other SEU buildings on campus. The success is measured by the decrease in consumption therefore varying building sizes will not be an issue. The building that can achieve the greatest percentage reduction in electricity consumption, with a goal of 5%, will be declared the winner!

The competition will include the following buildings:

  •     ACADEMIC – JBWNSC, Trustee Hall, Doyle Hall, Holy Cross Hall and Fleck Hall; and
  •     RESIDENTIAL – East Hall, Teresa Hall, Dujarié Hall, Basil Moreau Hall, the residential village and Casa

The Office of Sustainability is currently working with Students for Sustainability and The Green Ambassadors to develop the brand, tagline, logo, mascot, and other promotional materials for the competition.

Let’s work together to be more green and reduce St. Edward’s energy consumption! For more information or if you’re interested in getting involved please contact Cristina Bordin.

Christine Lacayo MSEM ’15
-Sustainability Graduate Assistant