Fall 2017 Science LLC applications now being accepted

If you are a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) major, then you are eligible for membership in the Science LLC, also known as the Community for Achievement in Science Academic and Research (CASAR).

The Natural Sciences LLC was initially established by a grant from the National Science Foundation so that science majors at St. Edward’s University can begin establishing their credentials as experienced scientists. Participating students arrive on campus before school begins and join the Freshmen Accelerated Research Methods (FARM) Workshop where they learn research tools and methodologies in several scientific disciplines so they are prepared to join research projects and develop their credentials as a scientist.

As a member of the Natural Sciences LLC, you’ll enroll in courses specially selected for you and your LLC peers, so you will already know many students in your classes before the semester begins! There are also many fun activities throughout the year to balance the demands of study with the need for relaxation.

Typically, all Natural Science LLC students arrive to campus earlier than the rest of freshmen to particpate in FARM workshops with other STEM majors. For more information about these workshops, click here: http://kopec.create.stedwards.edu/farm_workshop/index.php

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