Nov 20 | Disciplinary Styles in SoTL


  • Huber, M. T.  (2002).  Disciplinary styles in the scholarship of teaching: Reflection on The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In M. T. Huber & S. P. Morreale (Eds.), Disciplinary styles in the scholarship of teaching and learning: Exploring common ground (25-43).    Washington, DC: American Association for Higher Education and The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. — available in our SoTL Box folder
  • One essay (from the Huber or McKinney collections) focusing on your discipline (if you can find one). –– available in our SoTL Box folder, in the subfolders titled “Disciplinary Styles,” “Exploring Signature Pedagogies,” or “Exploring More Signature Pedagogies”


Homework: starting a literature review

  • Read “Conducting a Lit Review” on the Vanderbilt SoTL Guide.
  • Identify 5 articles or books that may prove useful to your project. Write a short annotation (2-3 sentences) describing the potential value each holds for your project.  


Want to know about others’ projects?

  • To see what your SoTL colleagues are doing here at SEU, read their brief project descriptions in the “Projects” folder in our Box site, “SoTL 2014-15.”
  • If you are using the web interface for Box, you can also comment on one another’s files.  Feel free to jot some notes, ideas, or suggestions for a colleague’s project.

Julie Sievers

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