SXSWi 2011 Panel on the Social Media Fast Project

by corinnew August 11, 2010

Okay, a little bit of self-promotion here: The 2011 SXSW PanelPicker just went live and I would love it if you would vote for my panel. For more information on the nature of the panel, also check out the project blog I’ve created. Thanks for your support!

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Looking for clients for my “PR for Nonprofits” class!

by corinnew July 12, 2010

I’ll be teaching “Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations” this fall and am looking for two nonprofit organizations in the Austin area that would be interested in working with my students during the fall semester! This class is a service-learning course which allows students to gain valuable hands-on PR experience while simultaneously helping out a local nonprofit. […]

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Going on a social media fast

by corinnew July 7, 2010

(Post crostposted to: A little bit of background on this project: I have always been intrigued by the Internet. I can still remember the exact day I first heard a friend utter the word email and explain what it meant. That was back in the summer of 1994. I got my first email account […]

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Is hiring student interns for social media work really the right strategy?

by corinnew June 5, 2010

Ever since I started teaching my social media for PR class, I’ve had all kinds of firms and nonprofit organizations contact me to ask specifically for interns who had taken my class. On the bright side, these inquiries seem to indicate that social media skills are in high demand and that the class is making […]

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Airline use of social media during the Icelandic volcano eruption

by corinnew April 22, 2010

It seems like every time I’m scheduled to discuss the role of social media in crisis communication some major crisis comes along — usually just in time for class. This semester was no exception. The global disruption in air travel caused by the eruption of a volcano in Iceland created an interesting case for us […]

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Timeline of the Greenpeace anti-KitKat social media campaign

by corinnew March 24, 2010

In class on Monday we discussed web video and how organizations use it to disseminate their messages. One of the examples we looked at was Greenpeace’s new video aimed at pressuring Nestlé into dropping its use of palm oil in the production of KitKat bars. Nestlé immediately demanded that the video be removed from YouTube […]

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Spring 2010 Student Podcasts

by corinnew March 22, 2010

Every semester, the students in this class produce a podcast on a particular topic. Since our university is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, I asked the students to produce a 5-10 minute podcast about the university’s anniversary celebrations. Each team had the option of using open-source software (Audacity) or Garageband to produce the podcasts. Here are […]

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Sneak peek of SXSWi panel: Is Technology Weakening Interpersonal Relationships?

by corinnew March 12, 2010

It’s spring break and in Austin, that can only mean one thing: time for South by Southwest! Tomorrow I will be participating in a panel on the effects of technology on interpersonal relationships along with Ashley Brown (a former comm. student and advisee), Jenn Deering Davis, and Matt Weber. The plan is to discuss how […]

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Crowdsourcing my Social Media for PR Syllabus: Need your Input!

by corinnew October 29, 2009

The end of the fall semester is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring classes. When I started teaching my Social Media for PR class in Fall 07, the field was so new I had little to go on to help me put together a syllabus. In the […]

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You don’t need to tweet to get value out of Twitter

by corinnew October 13, 2009

Yes, you heard me right: You don’t necessarily need to tweet in order to get value from Twitter! Let me explain why I say this. For the last few semesters I have been encouraging my PR students to get on Twitter. I’ve explained the necessity to be Twitter literate (twitterate?) and discussed examples of corporate, non-profit, […]

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