Using Twitter Strategically- For Individuals

In today’s world we always hear its not what you know, its who you know. With social media we all have an incredibly powerful tool at our fingertips, it allows networking to be done with ease. Although social media helps people connect, there is still strategy required no just for companies, but also for professional individuals. I am a new Twitter user this year. When deciding who to follow, I considered what I hoped to get back from using Twitter. I wanted to be able to surround myself with professionals pertaining to my major, public relations and advertising, but my list is also very heavily filled with social media experts. Once I created the list I began considering way I could build a following. It was important to me that the individuals I paid close attention to also began to notice me. That is when I came across the “notice me” strategy.

This technique is simple and affective, and is just how it sounds.

Step 1: Create a “Notice Me” list

Create a private list on your twitter with a hand full of individuals you would like to be noticed by, I began with 7. This list should full of experts and CEOs.

Step 2: Interaction

These people may seem intimidating, and you want to smoothly open up opportunities for communication. Begin by reply to their tweets, and re-tweeting post that you think are especially interesting and beneficial to your personal growth. You don’t want these people to ever know they are on your list, they should feel as if they stumbled upon you on their own.

Step 3: Patience

After steps one and two wait and see what happens! You may get follows through this strategy, or maybe just replies, re-tweets, or favorited posts either way this is a powerful way to build a strong, professional network.

I know from personal experience that this works! I gained several followers some from within my “notice me” list and other who saw value in the content I was replying to and re-tweeting. I am planning to follow up with my current “notice me” list, and also expand it. I think this is a great move to make for all individuals using their twitter for networking.

Just one more way social media is changing relationships one site at a time!

This blog was a summary of a blog post written by Alexis Grant.

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