Email Marketing – why it’s worth it

Hey guys! Here is part three in the series of posts I’m publishing dealing with the different options I discussed about social media in relation to small businesses. So in case you missed my last post, I’m linking it here. Each week, I will release a more comprehensive discussion, followed by a review of different services the following week.

Last week, I provided an overview of three different email marketing services and what each one offers to a small business. Next week, in continuing this series, I’m going to go into go into an overview of inbound marketing and what it can do for a small business. Now, let’s move on with the agenda!

As I mentioned in my very first post, email marketing is the sleeker, much cooler, older sibling to direct mail. The same benefits of direct mail exist with email marketing, except to a greater extent and with the ability to reach even more of a target audience and multiple ones at the same time. It’s easier, cheaper, and keeps the customers engaged and happy…so what’s not to love, right?

However, according to Experian Marketing Service‘s annual Email Benchmark Survey study, personalized emails lead to SIX TIMES higher transaction rates for small businesses, BUT…only 30% of brands utilize this method proactively and often. Only 30%? That seems a little   way off to me! So why isn’t this number much higher?

Well, in truth, partly because many people feel that emails are outdated. The new and en vogue ways of engaging customers include social media and mobile media (though more studies are showing that a growing number of people mostly check their emails on their phones, so don’t count email marketing as an option out, just yet). Email is great because it delivers a conversation directly into a person’s inbox, which is perhaps the most personal way marketing can get; people use their smartphones in every possible situation you can think of. A growing number of people also settle into bed for the night, phone in tow, inbox up and running.

If none of this still isn’t convincing you, let me reiterate the benefits I discussed in my first post, and then some:

  • same benefits of direct mail
  • sending personalized emails to wider ranges & narrower targets
  • the low cost due to it being entirely electronically based
  • practically everyone has an email address
  • exact return on investments can be tracked (and is very high when properly done)
  • email marketing comes in second to search marketing as the most successful way to online market

and so many other benefits (click here to read more).

So, in my opinion, email marketing shouldn’t be discounted just yet. This horse is alive and bleating…healthy and ready for its race! As a nice little gift for everyone reading, I came across a website that offers a free e-book that offers more insight into email marketing and its benefits, and that can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the page…I am not being paid to promote this company!). I’m not sure if you have to sign up with this website or not to access the book, but I feel it bears further looking into. With as much as 57% of small businesses actively trying to expand their email communication with customers, email marketing is an option that more than 30% of brands should be using.


Signing off for now! Next week I’ll continue this series, but we’ll be discussing inbound marketing. As always, feel free to comment or send me a tweet!

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  1. Email Marketing is a great and inexpensive tool to use in a business! The reach is great and you can write whatever you want!

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