The Boston Bombing in terms of social media, rhetorical ethos, and security

Offline right now, so will have to post completed version when I’m back to my machine, but we’ll be examining the Boston bombing through the lens of some familiar topics:

*Crowdsourcing and citizen reporting as a means of demanding security, maintaining law and order, and cultivating an informed citizenry. Are citizen reporters finally being taken seriously by the mainstream “old” media?

*How social media has infiltrated professional law enforcement, and how this infiltration may lead to greater cooperation and trust between citizens and police. Both short and long term effects considered.

*The nature of terrorism, and a meditation on whether strong communities that refuse to be intimidated can indeed be terrorized.

In the meantime, please check out last week’s post on security, as these themes will come up again, though this time in terms of the real-world attacks we saw last week.

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