Data Analytics: How can it help?

What is it?

Google Analytics shows you the full spectrum of customers you have and what mediums they are using. With this information, you can serve your customers better and in ways convenient to them. It also provides a credible measurement to gage what advertisements trigger sales.

How is it convenient to you?

Google Analytics has a mobile app that allows you to see what customers are clicking, reading, sharing, watching, and listening to…ALL at the convenience of on the go. This is great since space of time decreases with the release of information in ‘real time.’ With an abundance of information at people’s disposal allows you to keep up. Mobile App Analytics even lets you see when users are using your company’s app while they are using it. As technology constantly changes, it’s an advantage knowing your customer traffic. This way you can stay current with the technology advances and stay relevant to your customers.

If you are new to Google Analytics…

Their YouTube page has helpful videos to get started and understand how to use it to benefit you best. You can see how to measure multi-media channelslink AdWords and Analytics, and use content grouping. There are over 100 videos currently.


Can I use Google Analytics as a blogger?

Yes! Here are some great links:

Click here for Tumblr and here for WordPress

Measuring ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce recently posted 10 key ecommerce metrics and recommends Google Analytics. As mentioned earlier, Google Analytics is the best way to track metrics for your company. This way you can ensure you are producing the sales you want. These 10 metrics will help you start or “clean up” your Google Analytics configurations to better suit your company. Understanding your customer traffic is key. Search Engine Watch explains the different reports you receive from Google Analytics Acquisition Reports.

Company use

Google Analytics Premium allows your company members to access the data. In addition,  you have Google experts there to guide you through queries and see how to use the “numbers that really matter.”

Learning how to use Google Analytics is a key step for all company members. The help center gives a free means of learning the ‘in and outs’ and Analytics Academy is a free online training service to help your company get started on the right track.  Also, be sure to check the latest videos on the YouTube Channel.

Marketing Made Easy

Linking Google Tag Manager and Data-Driven Attribution to Google Analytics allows you to focus on marketing rather than getting caught up with marketing technology. Precise measurements of when and what people are buying will increase the return on your investments.


Good luck! 😉