Roping, Riding, & Rodeo’n with Social Media

As I start off this blog, I just want to give a quick little blurb about what all of this is all about. Over the next few months, I will be virtually traveling all over the great state of Texas to bring you the latest and most interesting events, attractions, and places that are “trending” on all the social media hot spots. Exploring how social media and public relations are being used to promote and increase awareness. Saddle up and get ready to adventure across Texas with me!

With only a few days before left before a stampede of people from around the country flock to San Antonio, Texas for the 2013 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, the city is well prepared to welcome the masses. Since last year the city as well as The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo have been working endlessly to promote this one of a kind event. The annual San Antonio Rodeo is no small matter; in fact this rodeo is no first-timer when it comes to awards. Jenny Nagelmueller, from the marketing department of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo excitedly announced that The Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s (PRCA) has named The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo number one Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year for eight years consecutive since 2005.

Each year the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo host top-notch animal athletes who come from all over to perform their skills in an attempt to win some serious cash. This rodeo is quickly becoming one of the most top-paying seasonal rodeos in the world. So what’s the big secret, how is The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo growing while many others are getting stuck in the mud; the answer is simple, SOCIAL MEDIA!

This year The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo has made a huge effort to gain promotion by using various social media sites such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest. In prior years, Twitter and Facebook had resulted successful in gaining media attention for the Rodeo but now with the addition of Pintrest, pictures and comments are being exchanged all over the web. There are currently over 115 Pins on their Pintrest site and over 57 thousand “likes” on their Facebook page. So what do these numbers mean exactly? Well that clearly the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is holding its’ own in the social media spot light. Growing day-by-day, social media is connecting new audiences and gaining perspective rodeo-goers. Each new “post”, “pin”, or “tweet” is a chance to spread the word, and the beauty of social media is that it does not have to be the marketing team spreading the message alone. Anyone with access to a social media side can become just as involved. Now people are able to become more apart of this years festivities’ than ever before.

Whether you are spun around by a carnival ride, munching on a foot-long corndog, enjoying a country music concert, or watching a world-class animal athlete just remember the Facebook post, Tweets, and Pintrest pins that attracted you there. At the same time, don’t forget to update your social media sites with pictures and stories about the experience you had while you where there, the future of The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo depends on it! The future of using social media in event promotion looks as promising as ever and the best part of it all it that you, yes YOU, are making it happen.

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  1. zchodan says:

    Can’t tell you how excited I am to keep up with this blog. I bet you’re going to have a ton of fun. I’ve always been curious about how such underground events still manage to get the word out. Rodeo’s with internet use?! THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!!

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