Using Technology for Social Change: Texas Civil Rights Project

What began as a program in Austin with only two unpaid staffers has turned into a force for change that houses five legal offices across Texas.  The Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) has been a relentless advocate for racial, social, and economic equality through litigation, education, and social services for low/moderate-income persons that are the least able to defend themselves.  Full disclosure:  My husband serves on the Board of Councils for TCRP and has been co-counsel with TCRP for pro bono legal representation.

TCRP’s online presence can be found on:

TCRP has a very active social media presence, particularly through their Facebook and Twitter sites.  The organization strategically uses their activity on social media to be a “thought leader” through their network sites for social change.  TCRP accomplishes this by establishing an ideal balance between posts about the organization’s needs and posts about the individuals they are actually helping.  This makes their causes tangible for their audience through a collective effort on their part.  Fast Company articulates The Golden Rules of Creating Thoughtful Thought Leadership by explaining why “thought leadership should intrigue, challenge, and inspire . . . it should help start a relationship where none exists, and it should enhance existing relationships.”  The article elaborates that thought leadership requires a consistent cumulative effort.  Here are a few examples of TCRP’s posts:

Last September, Beth Kanter posted a recap of Mashable’s Social Good Summit titled, [Reflection] Mashable #sgsGLOBAL: How Do We Get From Collective Conversation To Action To Impact? This event is designed for a younger, social media savvy audience. The speakers (including Kanter) and the agenda were focused on doing good in the world and implementing social change.  According to Kanter’s reflection of the event, because of the online connectedness of today’s young demographic, their opportunities to do good in the world our endless.

When nonprofits, such as TCRP, use social media effectively to sustain their mission and spread awareness, they are reaching an audience that is driven to support social change.  This encourages social media users to follow their passion and challenges them to start or enhance their opportunity to support initiatives such as protecting a individual’s civil rights.  TCRP’s social media not only keeps their audience informed of the challenges everyday people face, they also intrigue and inspire people to support their cause.  Congratulations to TCRP and all the individuals who work hard to protect the most vulnerable citizens and thanks for keeping us posted of the great endeavors.  Stay tuned . . .

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4 Responses to Using Technology for Social Change: Texas Civil Rights Project

  1. sgonzalp says:

    Ashley, TCRP seems to be doing an amazing job within their social space of informing and inspiring social change! You provided a great visual representation and writing on their work and messages. I am defiantly going to reference your blog for my personal learning project research. Thanks!

  2. abehara says:

    Thanks for reading my post, Sarah! Also, thanks for referencing my blog in your PLN research.

  3. amusi says:

    Great info and very thorough blog post that is definitely beneficial to your audience. Glad you included pics of the tweets and that you were so specific. I never knew anything about TCRP before reading this post, thanks for all the new info!

  4. abehara says:

    I am glad I introduced you to them! They tremendous work here in Austin and throughout Texas. Thanks for reading!

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