Preliminary Results: Critical, Creative, Collaborative thinking, and Problem solving?

Students will use critical, creative, and collaborative thinking to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Question 1.  What demonstrable qualities of this outcome should a SEU graduate possess?


  • Ability to work in teams/work collaboratively
  • Ability to synthesize, summarize, and critically assess and communicate material and information
  • Students should be able to complete increasingly complex work that requires critical thinking
  • Ability to write sustained, thoughtful and topically relevant narratives about a range of subjects using clear, standard English usage
  • To listen to many stakeholders and find the most agreeable solutions.


Question 2. Please provide your views on how this outcome can best be achieved in general education and co-curricular programming.


  • Stress more group projects
  • Collaborate with Career and Professional Develop so that students take a strength based inventory which helps to guide their learning
  • Case studies, project based learning, writing
  • Problem solving applied to concrete and current events
  • Develop research guides for specific classes and have guided research class sessions by reference librarians
  • Scaffold projects and approaches to problem solving that require and model multi-disciplinary problem solving.

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