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Are Your Social Media Channels Hurting You?


Rosie Kamau,
Student Career Educator

The quick transfer and communication in this day and age have made life sufficiently easier for the modern day citizen, yet in some ways, it has complicated our lives. These complications that come due to growing technology is especially evident on the impact social media has on our careers. It is now possible to get hired through Facebook, hired by Facebook, and just as likely fired because of Facebook. What we usually only share with our close friends and family has the potential to be accessible to all sorts of crowds including your next hiring manager. Therefore, it is important to make sure not to board the train of career self-destruction when posting about an outing last weekend or by badmouthing employers and co-workers on your social media.


Similarly, it is just as important to remember to be social on your social media. Use social media to share and network with individuals, just make sure to set boundaries. Include private settings and filter out what you decide to share- the world doesn’t need to know it all. Aim to use social media to promote career growth and build a circle of not simply loved ones and friends, but also a circle of like-minded individuals just as ambitious as you are.

To learn more on what to avoid when it comes to social media, I encourage you to read more here.


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