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A Fulbright Goes to Law School


David Sergio Glajar Class of 2014

My name is David Sergio Glajar and I am very proud to have graduated from St. Edward’s University in December of 2014 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in German studies. As a transfer student from Brandeis University but also a native Austinite, I had naturally heard of St. Edward’s before but did not quite know what to expect besides that it is a small, private Catholic university situated on a hill.

I can say without reservations that my time at St. Edward’s was, from my first day to my last, a tremendous and invaluable experience that also was (and continues to be) integral to who I am today. It is due, of course, to the people that make up the institution that this is true.

 The philosophy department is full of brilliant minds, gifted lecturers, and wise mentors. I am honored to have had the opportunity of studying Hegel under Dr. Peter Wake, philosophy of law under Dr. Jack Musselman, philosophy of science under Dr. Steve Dilley, and philosophy of mind and perception under Dr. Bill Zanardi. Each of these four professors proved extremely influential in his own way, and the freedom of thought and rigor of analysis that they fostered within me through class are intellectual gifts that I can only dream of one day repaying. Outside of the classroom, each of these professors also served almost as a kind of specialized mentor for me, helping me to shape my own identity and path, for which I am similarly extremely grateful.

Career Services was also an absolutely key resource for me during my time at St. Edward’s–namely Ms. Sally Perez-Ramos. With her help, I put together my first proper resume. With her help, I landed my first real internship, which was at the Community Affairs division of the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin. Most critically, it was also with her help that I got my post-graduation paid internship at the Austin Chamber of Commerce, which symbolically culminated in my shaking hands with then Speaker of the House John Boehner (amongst various Committee Chairs) in Washington, DC. I can safely say that without the presence of Ms. Perez-Ramos, I would currently be in a much different, and without a do

ubt less fortunate, position.

Upon finishing my internship at the Austin Chamber of Commerce, I immediately went on a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany, which I almost certainly would not have received without the expert and sage help of Ms. Caroline Morris, who is another indispensable asset to the university, and who I believe to be more or less single-highhandedly responsible for St. Edward’s University’s very impressively disproportionate number of yearly Fulbright recipients.

Now, with only a few weeks remaining on my Fulbright, I am preparing to begin attending Emory Law School this Fall, a decision I’ve come to primarily through multiple conversations with Dr. Musselman and Dr. Wake, who have been counseling me and providing me with guidance and perspective since I first met them years ago.

As I hope has been made evident by this letter, I owe a great, great deal to St. Edward’s University and I am constantly grateful to the various people who made my time there so valuable. Wherever my future career ends up landing me geographically, I look forward both to being able to support the University in any way that I can and to having the pleasure of witnessing its inevitable continued flourishing as an institution.

David Sergio Glajar
Mönchengladbach, Germany, June 2016

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