Video Game Development and Animation Research Guide

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Background Information

Search for a person, technology, game, or company.
Carrot2 Search Engine This is a search results clustering engine that helps you find subtopics under your main search topics. Try searching on a person, company, or game, and see what categories it suggests. Try clicking the “Treemap” or “Pie-Chart” tabs on the far right to see a visual representation of your results.
International Directory of Company Histories Choose “Search Within” under “Filter Your Results” to find your company’s history.
Statista This portal serves up a wealth of data compiled from a number of business and government sources. Try it for questions like sales data and market share. Try searching ‘Game Console Sales’ and see what results you can find.
Encyclopedia of Adolescence
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries

Finding Articles and Books 

  • Browzine -Browse through journals such as Computer Graphics Forum, The Visual Computer, and the Journal of Konbin for inspiration.
  • Finding Scholarly Articles – Learn how to use the “filter” option in Sorin to target your research.  
  • Enter a phrase that relates to your research into the Sorin search bar and choose the “Subject” filter.
    Board Games
    Computer Games
    Computer games industry
    Electronic Games
    Fantasy Games
    Games — Social Aspects
    Internet games
    Motion pictures and video games
    Role Playing
    Three-dimensional display systems
    Video Games
    Video games and children
    Video games in art
    Video games industry
    Video Games — History
    Video Games –Psychological Aspects
    Video Games — Social Aspects
    Video games — Law and legislation
    Virtual reality

Recommended Books

Computer Games and New Media Cultures: A Handbook of Digital Games Studies
20 Essential Games to Study

Racing the Beam : The Atari Video Computer System
Before the crash : early video game history
Ethnography and virtual worlds: a handbook of method
Queer Game Studies
Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level-Cap


Endgadget: Gaming
Game Studies
Kill Screen
GDC Vault
Polygon: Gaming


International Game Developers Association
Game Developers Conference Development Community
Austin Game Devs