Financial Information

Quick Links: Annual Reports, Finance & Competitors Stocks SEC Filings Where does company financial information originate?

Annual Reports, Finance & Competitors

  • Bloomberg – Real-time financial market data, news, and price quotes including derivatives and many other types of data. Access Bloomberg from the designated terminal in Trustee Hall 316. Be sure to reserve your session.    *First-time users, choose “Create a New Login” from the start page.  Follow the steps, making sure you complete each field – a text message with your pass code will be sent to you.  Remember your username and password for future use.  
    Read Bloomberg Getting Started Guide for Students
    Watch Introduction to Bloomberg (1:07)
    Get Certified Bloomberg Market Concepts is accessible at BMC<GO>. BMC is an 8 hour self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets.  BMC consists of 4 modules – Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income an dEquities – woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television.
  • NetAdvantage
    A comprehensive source of business and investment information. 
  • Value Line Investment Survey
    Provides current & historical financial data & industry info.  Read Historical Financial Data
  • Reference USA  (Watch Reference USA from Info Group You Tube Channel)
  • Hoover’s
    Covers more than 80 million companies, including private, public, and international. Information on private companies is very limited.
  • CB Insights
    On Campus Only! First-time users need to create an account using their SEU e-mail address. 
    For entrepreneurs: CB Insights is a venture capital and angel investment database that provides daily real-time information about venture capital and angel investor-backed startup companies, venture capital companies, angel investors and transactions in the United States. CB Insights produces data-driven reports and analyses related to venture capital, private equity and angel investment on a regular basis, including an in-depth quarterly venture capital report.
  • PitchBook
    On Campus Use Only. Users must create an account with their SEU email address to use the PitchBook platform. No downloading capabilities for patrons. Contact if downloads needed.
    For entrepreneurs:
    search thousands of private equity and venture capital deals by hundreds of criteria. Use PitchBook to establish benchmarks, find real time data on deals, identify and analyze comparables, and search investor details.

Web Sites

    The leading provider of online annual reports to individual and institutional investors.
  • How to Read Annual Reports
    A graphic description to help familiarize yourself with reading Annual Reports.
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. — Market Data
    Assists with market & investment research, through market data information & the FINRA Investor Education tools.
  • Google Finance
    Search for stocks, ETFs, and more…
  • Yahoo! Finance
    Access stock prices from 1970s-present. Begin by doing a search using the company ticker symbol. Then choose “Historical Prices” from the blue bar on the left. Choose start and end date. Choose whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly data. Add ticker symbol and click on “Get Prices.”


  • Bloomberg (terminal in Trustee Hall 316)
  • NetAdvantage
    From a company’s page, use the “Chart Builder” function under the left menu “Charting” to access five years of historical stock prices.
  • Big Charts from MarketWatch
    Access to professional research tools such as interactive charts, quotes, industry analysis and intraday stock screeners, as well as market news and commentary.
    Official site of The NASDAQ Stock Market featuring free stock quotes, stock exchange prices, stock market news, and online stock trading tools.

SEC Filings

  • NetAdvantage -includes financial/valuation data and embedded audit trails to see how an item is derived.
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: EDGAR
    Free access to more than 20 million company filings. Public companies are required to disclose subsidiaries in their annual report to the SEC. The annual report, also known as the 10-K, is available in the SEC’s EDGAR database.
  • SEC Webcasts
    Your ultimate tool for reading SEC filings.
  • Bloomberg (terminal in Trustee Hall 316)

Where does company financial information originate?

Disclosure of financial information
is required 
of all publicly traded companies
is not required
for privately held companies

Standardized forms must be submitted by the company to the EDGAR database
of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
Ex. 10-K annual, 10-Q quarterly, etc.

Anyone can access and download this information for free.

Such credible companies as Morningstar and Yahoo make much  of this data available through their financial sites, but always use caution when using data gathered from free commercial sites. Use only that which is actually publicly accessible data, not analysis or opinion.

For more authoritative sources the library subscribes to several different databases which contain the most current and usually about five years of historical financial data for companies.