Writing Q&A and Paper Review

See the menu to submit a writing question (anyone) or submit a piece of writing for review (New College and graduate students only).

About Writing Support

Writing support programs give you opportunities to discuss your writing with professional and academic readers outside of class. As the word “lab” suggests, writing support programs allow spaces and time for experimentation and practice. The best way to learn about writing support is to try it yourself, by making an appointment with the Writing Center or submitting a paper or question to the OWL.

What we do

  • Consider how the paper responds to the assignment
  • Help you develop your argument
  • Make suggestions about style and usage
  • Suggest an appropriate audience and tone
  • Make queries and suggestions regarding structure, content, and use of sources
  • Identify patterns of error (in grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and MLA and APA formatting and documentation) and model corrections
  • Suggest ways to focus revisions
  • Provide explanations, examples, and resources
  • Help you interpret comments from others, reports from grammar checkers and plagiarism filters, and style and documentation guidelines

What we don’t do

  • Proofread or copyedit for you
  • Apply formatting or documentation styles for you
  • Manipulate the text of the paper
  • Identify every error or issue in a paper
  • Predict or guarantee a grade
  • Dispute a teacher’s grade
  • Certify that a paper is free of errors or plagiarism
  • Decide when a paper is finished