Lucian Professorship History

Prior to the summer of 1982, J.B.N. Morris and family (hs ’48, ’52) established an endowment with the University to honor the name of Brother Lucian Blersch, CSC, a longtime professor of engineering, who died in 1986.  Proceeds from the endowment support a faculty chair in the name of Brother Lucian.

The Lucian Professor, among other tasks, has been the lead faculty member in organizing the Lucian Symposium each year, a roster of renowned experts in a particular subfield of interest to the Lucian Professor.

There have been 4 Lucian Professors appointed since the endowment was established:

Brother Daniel Lynch, CSC (biology):  1982 – 1997
Dr. Jean McKemie (mathematics):  2000 – 2005
Dr. Allan Hook (biology):  2005 – 2009
Dr. Eamonn Healy (chemistry):  2010 – 2016