NASA Space Apps Challenge – Ideas due 2/5; event 4/29-4/30

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NASA Science Mission Directorate is proudly hosting NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge on April 29-30th, 2017 and the theme for this year’s challenges is Earth!

We are excited to invite you to be a part of the NASA Challenge Team and engage with the public with Earth data and products at NASA!

 – Do you have an Earth science problem that can be addressed with NASA data and products?  We can design our challenges around real problems faced by our scientists, PIs, public officials, and program managers.  Let our brilliant community of coders and designers bring their talents to the table and help you address your needs!

– Be a part of the open innovation community to share data and ideas and spur local innovation hubs around the world!  We welcome you to attend the International Space Apps event at a location near you!  Chose from one of our 100+ locations to visit and represent NASA and share your stories and advice with our enthusiastic participants!

– If you are an expert in Earth science, help judge the Space Apps Challenge submissions and witness first hand the amazing potential of our participants!

Please visit for more information on Space Apps, and check out last year’s challenge winners’ AMAZING solutions with video descriptions!  Here’s a taster- 

Best use of Hardware – Canaria
Best use of Data – Scintilla

 To sign up to be a part of the NASA Challenge Team, please contact Shobhana Gupta.



Since its inception in 2012, the International Space Apps Challenge has become the world’s largest global hackathon, engaging thousands of citizens across the globe to work with NASA in building innovative solutions to challenges we face on Earth and in space using open source data. Space Apps inspires local innovation communities to convene, ideate, and build. Teams of technologists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs work together in a 48-hour sprint to develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges on Earth and space using NASA data. Over 15,000 citizens from 61 countries and in 161 cities around the world participated in the 2016 International Space Apps Challenge.

1,300 projects were developed during the 2016 Space Apps, many open source solutions with immediate value to NASA and the global community. The most popular challenges included creating a crowdsourced platform to compare environmental changes with symptoms of respiratory disease, an educational app to help young students locate the moon, and an app to support local drone operators. 

Shobhana Gupta, MD, PhD
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Earth Science Division
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

CS Students Take First Place at Apple TV Hackathon

From Bilal Shebaro:

Gage Martin, Sophie Gairo, and Maria Bisaga with their 1st Place Prize from the AppleTV Hackathon

Gage Martin, Sophie Gairo, and Maria Bisaga with their 1st Place Prize from the AppleTV Hackathon

After nearly completing the Mobile Apps course (COSC 3325) here at St. Edward’s University during the Fall 2015 semester, three computer Science students (Sophie Gairo, Gage Martin, and Maria Bisaga) felt excited to explore different opportunities that would allow them to take the knowledge they learned in class and expand it to new areas of mobile programming. As such, the three students attended the Apple TV Hackathon held at Capital Factory on November 22nd, 2015. This all-day programming event consisted of 11 hours where teams competed to build the best application for the brand new Apple TV. The applications that were built were judged based on their innovative design and how well they were executed.

Sophie, Gage, and Maria decided to create an Apple TV application that would act as a second screen in business establishments, offices, or social settings. To do this, they laid down a framework that would act as a client for WordPress. This framework allowed them to use the WordPress API in order to connect template pages from live WordPress sites. The app interface was very customizable and user friendly.

The students’ intention to participate in the Apple TV Hackathon was purely to increase their skillset and apply knowledge that they gained from their Mobile Apps course they took at St. Edward’s, but in the end they also won the first place for Creativity and Innovation. “As the instructor of this course, I am really proud of the students who took the initiative to go beyond the classroom and applied their knowledge in the most recent trends of mobile computing”, stated Dr. Shebaro. As the winners, the students walked away with a brand-new Apple TV as their prize.