Nominate NSCI Faculty for Teaching and Research Awards

Dear NSCI Community Members,

It is the time of year when we identify and award faculty in the School of Natural Sciences for their outstanding contributions in Teaching and in Research.  Thanks to the generosity of two donors, we are able to present $1000 awards to two faculty members this year, one for Excellence in Teaching and the other for Excellence in Research.  Their names will be added to the plaques that are housed in the awards cabinet in the halls of JBWN.

All members of the community are eligible to submit nominations of their colleagues, faculty members whom they have had in class, or faculty members with whom they’ve worked on a research project.  Here are the guidelines for nominees:

• Demonstrated exceptional commitment to the Holy Cross mission by fostering the courage to take risks, offering students an international perspective of subject matter and serving students of diverse cultural, economic, educational and religious backgrounds;

• Evidence of outstanding achievement in research for their field of study or;

• Displayed an innovation and commitment to educating students and igniting their passion for science;

• Non active member of selection committee for either award.

The teaching award committee consists of the last two winners:  Dr. Patricia Baynham (2015) and Dr. Jason Callahan (2014)

The research award committee consists of the last two winners:  Dr. Jason Callahan (2015) and Dr. Raelynn Deaton Haynes (2014)

One page letters of nomination may be submitted by any current or former member of the faculty and staff as well as by any current students or alumni of St. Edward’s University.  Letters of nomination are due by 5 pm on the Friday before Spring Break each year (this year, that is Friday, March 11).  It is helpful to describe in your letter how you became aware of the excellent work of your nominee and your reasons for the nomination.

Please send your nominations or any questions you have about the process to

Thanks for your consideration and participation in recognizing our outstanding faculty members.