Dept. of Energy Scholars Internship Program – Due 15 Dec. 2016

Scientific research conducted through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) supports an improved quality of life for all Americans. With a mission focused on discovering solutions to power and to secure America’s future, DOE is committed to:

· Energy security
· Nuclear security
· Scientific discovery and innovation
· Environmental responsibility
· Management excellence

What is the DOE Scholars Program?

The DOE Scholars Program offers unique opportunities that introduce students or post-graduates to the agency’s mission and operations. Participants in the DOE Scholars Program gain a competitive edge as they apply their education, talent and skills in a variety of scientific research settings within the DOE complex.

Here is the link to apply.

Note that neither the Dean’s Office in the School of Natural Sciences nor St. Edward’s University are affiliated with this program.  Like all such programs that arrive in the Dean’s inbox and which are posted here, we do not vouch for the quality of the program.  Feel free to ask questions should you have them!