Join Google Engineers for an Android Workshop this Sunday in JBWS 261 at 1pm!

All students are invited to join Google engineers on Sunday afternoons from 1-6 in JBWS 261 for the Android Operating System Workshop. This is an amazing opportunity to learn computing skills directly from the Google engineers working in industry. It will be helpful to have some experience with programing, but interested students are encouraged to attend. Students do not have to arrive on time, or stay for the entire workshop.
Also, feel free to come by if you can picture yourself working for Google.  The engineers are very happy to answer career questions.  The engineers are flying to Austin just to meet with you!  They are very eager to pass on their knowledge of industry and computing skills.  Stop by from 1 – 6 in JBWS 261 on Sunday!
Pizza will be served in the afternoon for students participating in the workshop!  See you there!  

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